Majestic Casual was born out of pure appreciation for the things we love. We don’t care about trends, genres, stats or names. We value authenticity and diversity; things that spark our memories and emotions. To find these rare experiences, we stay curious and always with open ears and eyes for the undiscovered. The world can be a tough place for new talent and new creatives; we're here to discover, defend, and advocate for the new.

What We Offer

  • A home where you can grow professionally and personally 🏡
  • The autonomy to manage yourself with flexible work hours 🕑
  • A relaxed work atmosphere and interesting music and creative events 🎉 (which you're free to attend!)
  • Annual bonuses based on company performance 💰
  • Transparent company structure and clearly defined responsibilities 🗂
  • A company that embraces change and constantly challenges the status quo ✊